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sailing SAILING The alternative setting to go "beyond"


Margot Sailing as a philosophy of life, the common thread to be ‘on-board’… on the water!

‘When you discover the school of the sea you never leave it. The salt soaks into your bones, into the air you breathe and you will feel the call of the sea forever’

The perfect environment to recreate your day.
The perfect environment to recreate the Corporate World.
An emotion, a moment of confrontation with yourself, with the forces of nature in a magic and healthy environment for your mind, your body and your spirit.

My mission is to make use of all I love and my experience to offer all the different views of life on a sailing boat that can help managing and dealing with different situations.

What can you learn on a sailing boat?

  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Giving Priorities
  • The essence of what you really need
  • … you will discover much more on board!


Among the many training methods such as frontal lessons, inductive and deductive method, imitation and trial and error, I prefer the inductive method.
Creating a situation on-board that is fully safe, to force students to go beyond their comfort zone where they really learn and enrich themselves step by step according to their personal awareness.