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Laura Giusti, the founder, a Management/Industrial Engineer, Team Leader, RYA Sailing Instructor and ICF Coach with many years of experience in Luxury Industries and international contexts.

At the age of 24 I started looking for new professional horizons by strengthening qualitative and quantitative skills in Business Network Development, Project and Brand Management, Training and Corporate Leadership through many connections in Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

I am grateful every day for the amazing opportunities I had working for amazing brands like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini that allowed me to grow professionally in different and unique contexts.

Moreover, as a human being, I realised that the growth was also interior and at a certain moment of my life, the ‘love for sailing’ and the activities on the sea played an important role for me, together with the interest in people development and deeper values.


  • Resilience and courage
  • Freedom
  • Personal Growth and well being
  • Authenticity
  • Accountability and integrity
  • Empathy
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Method and discipline


  • Industrial engineer 5 – year degree
  • Rya yacht master in UK & sailing instructor
  • ICF Coach
  • True power yoga instructor


I started and developed my career in the luxury automotive sector working for the Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini brands in different areas of the world.


I have also always had strong passions and different interests in my life, both from an entrepreneurial point of view and with a particular attention to people to the point that I started feeling something deeper inside me that I wanted to follow.
A sort of turning point in my life that was something like ‘either NOW or NEVER!’
This led me to take the step of restructuring my life and goals around my values and what I love by focusing on the boating and yachting industry as an experienced sailor as well as on more sensitive topics such as the development of self-awareness and sustainability.
That’s why, in addition to my sailing certifications, I obtained certification as a coach and yoga instructor and through the respective methods I support people, helping them bring out their best potential.

GET READY… for wave thrills!

for wave thrills!


Margot, such a beautiful name!
She was my first boat, a ‘Europa’ dinghy I had been given…and yes, I like Lupin’s Margot as well. I had another boat named Margot when I was living in Dubai and since then that name has somehow become part of myself with a deep connection. That’s why I decided to use it also for ‘Margot Solutions’.

Margot Solutions offers services through a 360-degree win-win approach, with the collaboration of outstanding partners chosen over many years of projects managed together. This can give more alternatives and different perspectives towards the best solutions by merging soft and operational skills, focus and flexibility, determination and planning.


  • Connecting people
  • Dreamer and alternative thinking
  • Positive and energetic
  • Aspirational and inspirational
  • Internalization / Re-organization

The conclusion even before starting is… Trust me!

I strongly believe that the synergy of various scenarios and skills by creating an ‘unique and customized services proposal’ is a plus nowadays because it is fundamental to ‘be who we are’, to be real and effective and to try to make ‘The difference’, even just a small one, in our own and other peoples’ lives.

We are all on our path to evolve and evolution comes from awareness!

That’s why I spent many months thinking about keeping my corporate background as a consultant together with the other activities I love in my life.

Would it have been functional? Would people have understood? Too many times I wanted to follow that spark in my eyes talking about sailing, boats and sea and I decided to give myself the chance. That’s it!