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COACHING The real you


My mission, as a coach is to successfully support you to create the life you deserve:

  • Getting in contact with your inner self and values
  • Releasing unconscious blockages
  • Embracing positive attitudes and positive thinking
  • Empowering and increasing self-confidence and love
  • Finding the courage to be who you are

Like when you are sailing you must never lose the exact point where you are, considering speed, course, time, displacement of the boat due to wind and/or current.

It allows you to train your emotional intelligence skills that help you develop an effective performance.
Knowing your position – professional, individual, within a team, in the market, in any context, formal or informal – is strategic if you want to plan a route, otherwise, the risk of starting from wrong assumptions invariably leads away from the goal and from the project…of your life and satisfaction!


Coaching is a journey that helps you to focus on the following topics:

  • Are you a successful professional who has achieved outstanding goals and you feel there is something more, but you do not know exactly what this is?
  • What is important to you at this stage of your life?  (career, family, love…).
  • Which emotions do you feel if you think of yourself today in all the areas of your life?
  • What would you need to have more clarity and feel satisfied?
  • Do you pay attention to other people’s emotions in your team and personal life?


The ICF Model is focused on ‘YOU’ and is based on a long experience in the world of individual and teams performance, in companies and in sport. It aims to co-create tools and strategies to the individual to improve self-awareness, self-love, operational efficiency and effectiveness and achieve personal and professional goals quickly and durably.

The approach is simple, comprehensible and direct. It allows us to improve how we:

  • Plan and design our goals
  • Align expectations
  • Carry out productive actions that bring us closer to our objectives
  • Evaluate the impact of our actions
  • Reinforce virtuous forms of behaviour by correcting those that are ineffective
  • Keep improving

If you make a mistake in a calculation or miss a verification appointment, all the work done is useless and you no longer know your position.

The model integrates neuroscience, cognitive psychology and emotional intelligence.

The ICF Method focuses not only on actions but also on thoughts and emotions that generate them. You are the Creator and the Protagonist of your life!

Moreover, the highest mission of the Method is to serve the Global Goals of the United States to aim to a more emotionally intelligent world.